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Environmental Management Systems On-Site Services Expertise During Expansion

During the proposal stages of a project, environmental costs need to be quantified.  Several things must be considered to appropriately calculate these costs.

First, air regulations must be examined.  For New Source Review, PSD (Prevention of  Significant Deterioration) and NNSR (Nonattainment New Source Review) have to be considered.  Title V applicability must be examined based on the pollutant trigger levels for the proposed location(s).  If there are also other regulations to be considered, those must be examined as well.

Second, water regulations for industrial storm water permitting are reviewed.  Based on the facility and operations, General Permits are preferred due to simplicity in the application process and compliance.  If those can’t be used, industry specific permits are used to authorize water discharges.

Finally, waste regulations are reviewed.  The industry classification of the facility is examined.  Waste classifications and projected waste amounts are used to determine the facility’s requirements.  We also keep in mind that one company’s waste may another company’s raw material.


Providing Environmental Expertise During Expansion Proposals